Broadcast Meteorology Degree Track

Broadcast Meteor Broadcast Meteor
Master of Professional Science

Broadcast meteorology is a rapidly growing and evolving field and one of the largest sources of private sector meteorological employment.

The Broadcast Meteorology MPS track prepares students for on-camera and behind-the-scenes careers in broadcast meteorology and provides the training necessary to enter the wider field of science journalism. The curriculum integrates coursework in broadcast journalism from the University of Miami’s School of Communications with advanced courses in meteorology at the Rosenstiel School. This coursework meets the requirements of the American Meteorology Society Certification for Broadcast Meteorology. Students train in our state-of-the-art digital studio and award-winning news broadcast, “NewsVision,” which airs daily on local cable channels. With these unique resources, students develop their skills in communication, computer graphics, on-camera delivery, and other areas vital to a successful career in broadcasting.


Bachelor’s degree in any field; one year of calculus and a minimum of 12 credits in natural science strongly recommended

Course topics:

Writing and reporting across platforms, news technologies, television news reporting, interactive storytelling, weather forecasting, broadcast meteorology, climate and society, weather forecasting, broadcast meteorology, climate and society

Job titles:

  • Meteorologist - The Weather Channel
  • Broadcast Meteorologist
  • Meteorologist & Reporter
  • Weekend Meteorologist 

Track Leader

Dr. Brian Soden

Weather Climate and Society Track

(305) 421-4202
Position and Research Expertise Brian Soden is a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science. He specializes in the use of satellite observations to test and improve computer simulations of Earth's climate. His areas of interest include understanding climate...

Plan Of Study Grid

Fall Course Title Credit Hours
ATM 651
or 614
Introduction to Atmospheric Dynamics
or Introduction to Weather and Climate
ATM 662 Advanced Weather Forecasting 3
JMM 615 Writing and Reporting Across Platforms * 3
JMM 619 Interactive Storytelling * 3
RSM 700 Research Ethics 0
Credit Hours 12
Spring Course Title Credit Hours
ATM 632 Broadcast Meteorology 3
JMM 617 Television News Reporting * 3
ATM 765 General Circulation of the Atmosphere * 3
RSM 620 Climate and Society 3
Credit Hours 12
Summer Course Title Credit Hours
ATM 805 MPS Internship 1 2-6
Credit Hours 6
Total Credit Hours 30

*  or Elective

1  Enrollment in 2 - 6 internship credits required during a student's time in MPS. Completion of less than 2 internship credits must be approved by MPS Director. Students may enroll in more than 6 internship credits with the approval of the Program Director. Typically 2 semesters are needed to complete all aspects of the internship phase of MPS.

Elective Options

Students may request elective courses with the consent of their Academic Advisor. Refer to the course schedules for a list of classes available on the Rosenstiel School campus. The course offerings may vary from semester to semester. For more details, visit the UM Academic Bulletin.