Coastal Zone Management Degree Track

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Master of Professional Science

Over half of the world’s population resides in growing coastal areas. These areas are major economic engines, supporting port and shipping tourism, fisheries, aquaculture, and oil and gas mining activities. The coastal zone – comprising nearshore waters and lands — represents some of the most fragile habitats on the planet. Balancing economic development and coastal protections in the face of anthropogenic stressors is a major challenge that resource managers face in the 21st century.

The Coastal Zone Management MPS track offers a multidisciplinary approach to addressing problems in coastal areas. Students can explore a broad variety of topics, ranging from coastal fisheries management and tourism development to port management and environmental impact assessment. Students will also be introduced to associated legal and governance frameworks.


Bachelor’s degree in any field

Course topics:

marine protected areas, coastal law and policy, management and conservation of marine ecosystems, environmental planning and environmental impact statement

Job titles:

  • Environmental Policy Research Assistant
  • Project Manager–US Army Corps of Engineers 
  • Legislative Assistant–Florida Senate

Track Leader

Manoj Shivlani

Coastal Zone Management

(305) 284-8259
Dr. Manoj Shivlani is an environmental scientist and senior lecturer specializing in the social and policy dimensions of coastal and marine resource management. His focus areas include stakeholder theory, socio-ecological systems, fisheries socioeconomics, and international ocean management. His recent research has evaluated the effects of extreme events on fishing communities, the medium-term impacts of COVID-19 on small-scale fisheries, the determination of limits of acceptable change in marine managed areas, and the development of marine preserve management plans....

Course List

Fall Course Title Credit Hours
EVR 618 or 720 Coastal Zone Management or Coastal Law and Policy 3
Approved Elective 3
Approved Elective 3
Approved Elective 3
RSM 700 Research Ethics 0
Credit Hours 12
Spring Course Title Credit Hours
Approved Elective  3
Approved Elective  3
Approved Elective  3
Approved Elective  3
Credit Hours 12
Summer Course Title Credit Hours
EVR 805 MPS Internship 1 2-6
Credit Hours 6
Total Credit Hours 30


1  Enrollment in 2 - 6 internship credits required during a student's time in MPS. Completion of less than 2 internship credits must be approved by MPS Director. Students may enroll in more than 6 internship credits with the approval of the Program Director. Typically 2 semesters are needed to complete all aspects of the internship phase of MPS.

Elective Options

Students may request elective courses with the consent of their Academic Advisor. Refer to the course schedules for a list of classes available on the Rosenstiel School campus. The course offerings may vary from semester to semester. For more details, visit the UM Academic Bulletin.