Rosenstiel Opportunity Award

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In an effort to support the University's diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, the Master of Professional Science program at the Rosenstiel School now offers a limited number of Rosenstiel Opportunity Scholarships. All interested incoming MPS students are welcome to apply. This scholarship is intended to benefit historically underserved or underrepresented populations. Each scholarship consists of 24 credits and allows recipients to earn an additional 6 credits (maximum) through the MPS program’s merit-based waiver. Completion of 30-credits total is required for a master’s degree at UM; therefore, scholarship recipients are eligible to complete the MPS program at no or significantly reduced tuition cost: scholarship + waiver (the latter if eligible).

You must have already submitted an MPS application for admission to be eligible to apply for the Rosenstiel Opportunity Award. Opportunity Award applications are due by March 15 to be considered for this academic year. Applications will be reviewed by faculty members within the Rosenstiel School Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. The review criteria will emphasize the applicant’s potential contribution and benefit to the diversity, equity, and inclusion of the Rosenstiel School scientific community.